Our Teams

Our travel agency team is a group of passionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to creating unforgettable travel experiences for our clients. With a wealth of expertise and a deep love for exploration, we work tirelessly to craft personalized itineraries and provide exceptional customer service.

Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table, allowing us to cover a wide range of destinations and travel preferences. From luxury vacations to adventure trips, and family getaways to corporate travel, we have specialists who are well-versed in various travel segments.

Virender Singh Pehal
Founder, CEO

Dr. Virender Singh Pehal is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Broadways. With a passion for innovation and a relentless drive to create positive change, Dr. Virender Singh Pehal has established himself as a prominent figure in the business world.

Prashant Kumar

Mr. Prashant Kumar is a dedicated and accomplished manager with a passion for leading teams and driving organizational success. With a wealth of experience and a strong focus on collaboration and efficiency,

Manish Kumar
Sales Manager

Mr. Manish Kumar is a dynamic and accomplished sales manager with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and leading high-performing sales teams. With a deep understanding of sales strategies and a customer-centric approach.